Gone fishin’

The Colosseum

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Sorry blog, I know I’ve been neglecting you all these weeks, and I promise to make amends. What with trying to get the book finished, and popping off on holiday for a fortnight, things have been rather quiet on the iKnowHow front.

We had a fabulous time away (the pic is of Lila and me at the Colosseum in Rome) and it’s nice to feel well-rested. Standing amongst monuments that have been around for the last 2,000 years puts a great perspective on things.

In the meantime, Matthew and Andrew, my editors at Triarchy Press, have been looking through the manuscript, and they seem pretty happy.

Now it’s one final slog down to the final, final deadline on September 28. But I’m going to try and be good this time, and blog some posts in between. Hopefully you’ll hear from me shortly!