Goodbye – it’s been real (or should that be virtual)?

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After eight wonderful years, iKnowHow is calling it a day, kicking off its trainers and walking off into the sunset (while owner Jemima Gibbons looks forward to no longer having to talk about herself as a separate entity ☺).

It’s been a fabulous time. Made more so by the amazing people who I’ve met along the way. Thanks to all the particularly brilliant friends and mentors who’ve helped me out: Andy Bell, Anthony Mangion, Barbara Benedek, Charles Baden-Fuller, Clive Holtham, David Sims, David Wilcox, Dotun Adebayo, Gemma Lines, Joanne Jacobs, John Prescott (not that one!), Joseph Lampel, Karen McCarthy, Kate Kinninmont, Matthew Fairtlough, Nick Watt, Nick Witte-Vermeulen, Paul Richards, Ricardo da Sousa, Stowe Boyd, Zoe Black and, especially, Noam Sohachevsky.

The world has changed a lot since March 2002, when I set up iKH with Alison Linskey to “provide consultancy and training in digital media to film and TV production companies”. When we started television was still very much at the centre of the media universe and the early years were shaped by work with Women in Film & TV, BT (in its efforts to become a broadcaster), Skillset and the UK Film Council.

But things were shaken up so much more than we anticipated. While the web has gone stratospheric and mobile is truly ubiquitous, interactive TV has diverted up its own strange back alley. Instead of television becoming “all media”, the web has become the most powerful medium we have. To the point where we no longer see the boundaries (between us and “it”).

More recently, I’ve been working with Triarchy Press, Cass Business School and the RSA, the first two organisations focused very much on the future of business, the other focused on the future of society as a whole. And all three looking deeply at the impact interactive, digital and social media are having on our lives.

My 2009 book, Monkeys with Typewriters, was a stab at understanding this brave new world we’re in. It feels like I was only scratching the surface. Now, I want to focus more on my writing, and more on social business design. It seems like the time is ripe for a re-brand – this will be my final blog post at iKH.

If you’ve supported iKH over the years, thank you so much. If this is the first you’ve ever heard of it, feel free to read back through the blog for a re-cap. ☺

For the next three months, I’ll be based in Jaffa (Tel Aviv), exploring Israel from the grassroots up. Beach, sunset, here I come. See you on the other side!

In the meantime, you can always:

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Muse social business with me on the Monkeys with Typewriters blog
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It’s a great feeling to close a chapter well. Congrats on all you’ve done. Will follow what you do now with interest – and envy. But most of all enjoy the next chapter. Mtx

How fabulous Jemima, look forward to hearing about life in Jaffa – you must blog it somewhere. Was in Israel literally decades ago, it is sadly a very different country now, but I still feel I should go back at some point. You (and your blogging) will be missed at the next FC meeting.

Well done Jemima and Alison for creating the iKH.
It is interesting how business models have changed.
The Newspaper industry where I am working will have to re-think its models as well, it seems the “Web has changed everything”, but that is what e-business and the technology MBA majors predicted.
“Monkeys with typewriters” was a great book, I look forward to the next!

Hi MT, Graeme, Tim, Jackie and Liz,

Thanks for your kind comments and good wishes – sorry to reply en masse but I’m now on Tel Aviv-Yafo time (ie: not logging on very much)! It’s fantastic to be here and I’m planning to set up a proper, dedicated, blog shortly – as soon as we’ve found our feet.

Of course, will keep you posted :)

Jemima x

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