Clear blue water

I hate to mention politics but…

No, don’t worry – I’m not going to talk about The Election or ask whether any major UK party is a viable contender for government right now (because that would be a long and cheerless blog post), I’ve actually been thinking about politics with a very small ‘p’ – namely the way in which power might be shared between two hard-working blogs, and if the relationship can ever be harmonious between them.

You might have noticed that, since January, things have been a bit quiet here at iKnowHow, while over on my new blog, Monkeys with Typewriters (first post, November 2009), the interaction has been a little more lively.

I admit, I fell in love with Posterous‘ adventurous ways: its insatiable desire for tidbits and instant appreciation of dodgy iphone photos, its cute interface. WordPress, meanwhile, was the reliable and familiar partner: always here but less exciting, more demanding – and way more crotchety.

At some point I will find out why WordPress refuses to upload my photos (meh). In the meantime, you might be relieved to know that – at last – there’s a blogging gameplan!

I started this blog, first and foremost, to write the book, Monkeys with Typewriters (back then, the title was a twinkle in its mother’s eye).

At the time, the book was my sole project and thus the only work of this consultancy. Now, needless to say, there are other projects afoot.

Really, the time is right to parcel off my book neatly to its own eponymous blog and continue writing company-related stuff here. Sadly, it’s not as simple as that. I can’t say there won’t be a crossover because, of course, there will. The central themes of Monkeys – social business, social leadership, social evolution – are a key part of the projects iKnowHow now delivers.

So, instead, I’ve decided to make this blog the home for long-form pieces (essays, live-blogging, in-depth analysis etc) as well as any actual “news” (work/ life updates). Meanwhile, Monkeys with Typewriters will be more of a scrapbook – for short-form stuff: ideas, photos, sound-bites, musings and mutterings.

Let’s try it and see!

As ever, your feedback is much appreciated.