Us Now: fave quotes

“Any system that tries to apply rules to human behavior leaves itself open to being gamed. It’s scarey. Not everyone can cope with it. But I think if you show trust, then what tends to happen is that you reduce the incentive to game the system substantially, so just by being open and showing trust you can actually protect yourself.”
– Lee Bryant, Headshift

“It’s just the beginning of this fantastic phenomenon. It’s really a very powerful force for good – the potential for people to connect in this way.”
– MT Rainey, Horse’s Mouth

“There are lots of challenges in doing something like this. There’ll be sabouters, there’ll be some people who won’t have access to the web, there’s the whole complexity of millions of ideas and how these can aggregate together and the good ones come to the core. But these are all in the category of implementation challenges, they’re not in the category of reasons not to do it.”
– Don Tapscott