RSA Fellowship Council – I’m standing!

Big thanks to David Wilcox and Tessy Britton – they’ve been brilliant!

Their enthusiasm sparked me to get involved with the RSA Networks project towards the end of last year.

One idea to come out of the project has been the setting up of a new RSA Fellowship Council. This council will ensure that Fellows are better represented at all levels throughout the organisation, foster collaboration, and propose and develop new initiatives.

A few weeks ago, I decided to stand for election to the new Council. My expertise is in running projects that use new technologies to promote enterprise, diversity and collaboration so I’m hoping to bring an informed view of the tools and methods the RSA could adopt, especially in social media.

As founder of my own consultancy (iKnowHow), I’d aim in particular to represent – and engage with – all the other Fellows out there who are freelancers and small business owners.

Since setting up iKnowHow, I’ve worked with clients like BT, Pact, RDF Media and Skillset so I’ve become familiar with the issues of managing change in large organisations.

Like any institution, The RSA isn’t without its problems, but its heart is in the right place – and the Fellows are downright lovely!

The RSA has the potential to be a really fantastic, fully-networked organisation – I really hope to get the chance to help make this happen.

RSA Fellows have a proud history of volunteering their skills; for me, voluntary work has always been in and around the creative business community.

In 2003, in partnership with Cass Business School, I co-founded the ongoing creative business network, Cass Creatives – one of the first events networks to ban PowerPoint from panel discussions and focus instead on robust debate and the exchange of ideas between disciplines (helped along by a few free drinks).

In 2004 I was invited to be a founding member of The Hospital – London’s club for creative entrepreneurs.

That same year, I became an elected director of Women in Film & Television (until 2006) and was chosen to travel to New Zealand as part of a UK government delegation representing all visual media.

Work-wise, as well as project management, I teach leadership and creative entrepreneurship at Masters level, most recently at Kings College London and Cass Business School.

In 2008 I won a UK Film Council/ Skillset award for setting up and running a mentoring programme for Women in Film & Television.

My book about the impact of social media on management will be published by Triarchy Press this Autumn.

If you’re an RSA Fellow, please think about casting your vote for me, and please add a vote for Tessy, who’s also standing.

In the meantime, I’d better get back to that redraft…

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Gordon! I remember you blowing your student grant on a tanning lamp and a kitten so I’m glad to see you’re now in the Caribbean with access to an all year round tan (and no doubt kittens also) – happy 2010 to you too!

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