A cultural revolution

Had a great time at the London Twestival last Thursday but – like most others – strangely didn’t spend the night blogging, tweeting or texting about it (though I did manage to take some pics).

Luckily The Guardian’s Jemima Kiss recorded some voxpops so even if you weren’t there, you can get a flavour of the evening.

My fave quote has to be from Alex Hoye, CEO of digital agency, Latitude, talking about getting used to using Twitter:

“One of the first struggles I had was that my work persona, my home persona and my family persona all had to be one and the same and initially that meant some filtering – and there is some filtering in there – but on the other hand it means that you’re actually more natural in all three now which is a real cultural revolution in some ways.”

Social convergence in action – love it!

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Thanks for posting this Jemima. It really articulates how I felt at the beginning too – the transparency of that kind of joined-up-ness was a bit unnerving. It lasted about 2 months.

Now it actually feels more natural, and warmer… less formal, even if less private.


Thanks for your comment. I wish I had the time and money to do some qualitative research on attitudes to CEOS who ‘opened up’ in this way, and those who didn’t – I’m sure there’s an impact on productivity and motivation in there somewhere!

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