Are you performing, publishing or just watching?

On the same panel as Russell Davies, Channel 4’s Matt Locke talks about social media spaces.

All our existing communications policies, he says, are based on the idea of having to ask permission to publish and there being a difference between the public and private realm.

Well, that separation doesn’t really exist any more.

And the implicit set of assumptions about how we communicate is now obsolete.

Instead of two spaces, public and private, there is now just public, although this can be broken down into six different layers. See Matt’s definitions here.

The most important thing to consider in all this is the use of our data. We may have become search-literate, but we’re not at all data-literate. We’re essentially trading our data to get better services, but we’re not fully aware of how this is happening.

We’re only just at the beginning of creating a whole new public space, with a new set of epithets.