All Moo-ed up

My new full-size business cards from Moo cleverly arrived in the post this morning. Just in time for tonight’s Moo party.

Not only could I design them single-handed, they actually look – and feel – quite beautiful. The ideas man (thanks to Black and Blum) is perched on the ikh office window sill, but he could be soaking up the sun at a funky urban festival.

This was meant to be a summer series, but I’m liking the pics, so I might well hang on to them. There are five different versions – if you’re really lucky you get to collect the set.

Yay! as they say.


Cass Creatives this week

Hopefully you’ve already read about Wednesday’s big debate + fifth birthday party and are planning to come along.

If not, you can see further details here.

We’ll be revisiting our scenarios for entertainment 2010 (written in 2003) – and assessing just how far off the mark we were.

We’ll also be choosing our digital heroes of the past five years.

Michael Nutley of New Media Age will be asking everyone for their opinions.

If you’d like to join in the fun, please have a read of the scenarios and see what you think.


Turn on, tune in, blog out

A bit like your stubborn friend who won’t use Facebook, or that other one who refuses – ever – to buy a mobile phone, I’ve been holding out on the blog front for way too long.

From now on, things are going to be different. I’m going to blog without reserve, with panache, with feeling. I’m going to blog like nobody has ever blogged before. I believe in Blog. I’m going to blogging blog all of you into kingdom blog. Blogs R Us. Blog-tastic. Blog-arama.

Right. Starting Monday, then.